Andy Nash Sunset

Oyster Bay

posted: 10/7/17

Jenna Maxi

Maxi is excited about the fall weather!

posted: 9/30/17

Linda Georgiades Hail Storm

9/30/17 Hauppauge

posted: 9/30/17

Brenda Sunset on the first day of fall

sunset on the first day of fall.

posted: 9/22/17

MaryAnn Winter Winters Pond

Winters Pond this mornings sunrise .. pure beauty

posted: 9/22/17

Alison Warner BlueTommySue and the First Snow

My little princess checking out this "Cold, fluffy, wet stuff" that "Tickles my nose and my Belly". Momma bought me this "Cozy jackie" so now we can play and have fun and be "Toasty Warm".

posted: 9/9/17

EWN Viewer Great Day

{"hometown":"Monroe Township, NJ","conditionIconName":"mostly_clear_night","conditionName":"Great Day","hasPhoto":1,"caption":"I love sunrises!","name":"","temperature":50,"locationName":"Monroe, NJ"}

posted: 9/5/17

EWN Viewer Power Outage

{"hasPhoto":0,"locationName":"Saint Marys, OH","conditionName":"Power Outage","temperature":86,"conditionIconName":"power_outage","hometown":"st.marys Ohio","name":"Nicole"}

posted: 9/4/17

EWN Viewer Storm Damage

{"hasPhoto":0,"locationName":"Saint Marys, OH","conditionName":"Storm Damage","temperature":60,"conditionIconName":"storm_damage","hometown":"st.marys Ohio","name":"Nicole"}

posted: 8/29/17

EWN Viewer Cloudy

{"hometown":"Wallkill ","conditionIconName":"mostly_cloudy_day","conditionName":"Cloudy","hasPhoto":0,"name":"Susan","temperature":68,"locationName":"Warrensburg, NY"}

posted: 8/24/17