Mike Gerhart (Ulster Park, NY) Kita in the snow

Our malamute named Kita loves to lay in the snow and she allows me to cover her up. We got 10 inches on snow here in Ulster Park, NY.

posted: 1/17/18

Liz cooper What rain?

Lots of snow in Freehold NJ!

posted: 1/17/18

Carmine Quagliariello 1 foot of

Winter wonderland in Monticello ny

posted: 1/17/18

Suz Wantage Snow

Taken in Wantage NJ, 6 inches

posted: 1/17/18

Patty This morning about 6 of snow

Front of my house

posted: 1/17/18

Michele Port Jervis, New York

6 inches of snow and counting

posted: 1/17/18

Dorinne Auriemma Smoke on the Water

Taken from across the Hudson in West New York, NJ

posted: 1/12/18

hisnowbunny@aol.com Winter Weather

{"hasPhoto":1,"locationName":"New York, NY","conditionName":"Winter Weather","temperature":50,"conditionIconName":"wintry_mix","hometown":"Staten Island, New York","caption":"Throw some logs on the fire","name":"Jill"}

posted: 1/7/18

Caryl Caristo Snow day!

Snow day!

posted: 1/6/18

Andrew Craig Outdoor hockey Saturday morning

Winter Club of Huntington LI vs Esssex Hunt Club of Peapack NJ

posted: 1/6/18