Heidi DiCenzo Hay kitty

Hay Kitty rescued from closing farm, now enjoys life indoors in Boonton Township NJ

posted: 12/25/15

Virginia V Heidi on top of couch

Another picture of my lovely girl Heidi lounging on the couch and looking out at the world. #SuperCatSaturday

posted: 9/28/18

Vivian Rosenblatt The lion


posted: 8/30/18

Joyce Foerster and his box

Foerster sitting on a box

posted: 8/18/18

@Hosstyle1 #SuperCatSaturday

#DosEquisCat His name is Cecil

posted: 8/18/18

Steven Tola Lilly

Lilly doing a little bird watching

posted: 8/17/18

Donna Pet photos


posted: 7/27/18

Dana Romer Super Cat Saturday

Phoebe is a rescue adopted 2 years ago. Loves her basket. Very sweet and affectionate

posted: 7/27/18

Dana Romer Super Cat Saturday

Jingles is 6 yrs old. She showed up on our doorstep on Christmas 4 years ago. So she is appropriately named Jingles. Very smart and loving

posted: 7/27/18

Jamie Jones Purrfect Greyel

This is Greyel chilling on the stairs

posted: 7/22/18