Christine Funk Lucy

Her favorite spot..over my shoulder!

posted: 1/12/19

Mom lori Samowa Joe and ben

Joe has a friend in ben

posted: 1/7/19

wonderfulsoul620 SuperCat Saturday: Mr. $nowbaLL CaTzonova WonderfuL, ready for his close-up, in Hollywood Brooklyn/a

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posted: 1/2/19

Lori Jakszewski Joe Joes Santa's helper

He's eyes shine bright as the bulbs on the tree

posted: 12/22/18

Lori Jakszewski Joe Joe the red nose rain cat

Joes a Santa's helper reindeer

posted: 12/22/18

Jessica Tirado Oliver loves Christmas lights

Olive a tangled up Christmas lights

posted: 12/22/18

Victoria Supercat Saturday

Meadow 12 year old house cat from Brooklyn New York ready to spread some holiday cheer

posted: 12/21/18

Ivette Rodriguez Me-meow Tu-jee

That's how he looks when he wants a treat!! Lol!

posted: 12/15/18

wonderfulsoul620 SuperCatSaturday:Mr.SnowbaLL CaTzonova WonderfuL from HOLLYWOOD BOOOKLYN, better known as BED STUY

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posted: 12/15/18

Roberta Paul Lou

Making friends with the stuffed animals under the tree

posted: 12/5/18